Online ZOOM Classes from MarilynYoga

Yoga is the best investment you could EVER make.

The practise of yoga will keep you fit and healthy, peaceful,
calm and strong. My Zoom Online classes can provide this even in these difficult times. 
But, if you want long term benefits, you must make long-term investments.

It’s easy though…  And you don’t even have to be fit or bendy.

I have the following classes at the moment.
But there is so much more to come. 
You will be in the comfort of

your own home and connect via your computer, tablet or phone...

Give it a try!
[My Regular Weekly Zoom Classes follow below the New Workshops]


NEW Saturday Evening – 24 October

Dreamtime – SleepTime – HealingTime

Restorative Yoga with

Sleep Meditation and Relaxation with Reiki Healing

8pm till 9:30 (ish)

All inclusive cost £10.00 

Gorgeous stretches to iron out the week’s stiffness.

Beautiful breathing to settle the nervous system, relieve anxiety and the overwhelmed feeling, bringing peace and calm

+PLUS+   Sleep Meditation and Relaxation with Reiki Healing…


...Just Wow!

If it’s too early to go to bed just chill out
bathed in gorgeousness and love.

Perfect for the weekend.

It is suitable for all.

So come along… You’ll LOVE it!

If you have a friend or partner in the house they are welcome to join for part or all of the class.
They wont need a zoom-pass, just your welcoming smile

Plus you will be sent a special 'Hints and Tips'
for Peaceful Nights of Sleep
when I have received your confirmed booking.


NEW Sunday Morning – 1st November

Breathing into a Different Dimension

10am till 12:30pm

All inclusive cost £15.00

This is a workshop I have been  developing and wanting to run for a while. It is for anyone who wishes to find that different dimension.

It is like your guide to better energy flow for physical, psychological, and spiritual wellness. We are going to learn how to cultivate deep relaxation and serenity in our mind-body connection.


Especially during challenging times,

it is important to nurture our innate resiliency, so we can navigate
life with more ease learning how to regulate the nervous system with

the power of the breath.


[The course  gives practical tools to help with anxiety, and is useful for anyone, yourself, yoga teachers, social workers, nurses or therapists, who wish to support their community.] 


We will learn the importance of seated posture and how to avoid strain and  we will practice a sequence of postures to strengthen your spine and open your lungs for sitting. 

We we will use props to enable a greater expansion of your 

lungs This will  bring you closer to your breath and thereby  closer closer and closer to your inner self. It is a way of ‘going inside’.  It will put you deeply in touch with the wisdom and strength within you. And this deep intimacy with your breath will put you in touch with the source of your inner strength,  allowing body and mind to let go deeply of learned habits of tension and resistance.


Plus there will be reading material and ‘What to Bring’ sent out to you on booking.


My Regular Weekly Zoom Classes:

Monday – Meditation Relaxation and Breathing

(It is the Ultimate in self care.)

6:15pm till 7:15pm

Meditation isn’t about sitting about with a blank mind.

it’s more about finding joy in the mundane, moving those dark and stormy moments, meditation helps us find the sunshine and peace.  

The relaxation has to be experienced to be believed and the focus on breathing practises brings us home to ourselves.

It is truly is the best investment you can make.

Don’t miss out.

£3.00 per session


Tuesday Morning Yoga 

10am till 11am

A one hour gentle class.

A class with a beautiful vibration.

You can feel the love.

All are welcome and all will enjoy.

All the monies from this class, less expenses, are donated to charity.

Suggested donation £4.00.

( You may also suggest your favourite charity.)

NEW Tuesday Evening – Weekly YinYoga Class

7pm till 8.15pm

Suitable for all.

The Yoga is Wonderful Yin.

Yin yoga is an increasingly popular style of practising. The reality is that many of us lead fast paced, demanding and intensely stressful lives. We often appear like graceful water birds gilding  serenely over the surface, whilst paddling furiously underneath just to keep afloat. We have become so familiar with tension and tightness that rarely do we understand the deep need for relaxing and releasing  and for ways of significantly reducing the effects of stress upon us.

The practise of Yin gives that space to slow down rather than always rushing and striving to achieve.

A period of stillness and quiet.

What a way to treat yourself.

It’s a must for self nurturing.

The floor based long-holding of postures or shapes encourages softness and an emphasis on relaxing muscle tissue. Then through this stillness we can reach our inner landscape bringing a sense of harmony and peace. There is greater ease and sense of balance We learn to pay attention to ‘what is’ with an attitude of kindness.

Our life is precious and this practise gives us space, a deeper sense of calmness and peace. Yet as it releases tension it rejuvenates and re-vitalises so giving us lots more energy.

£6.00 per session

Thursday Evening Yoga

6.15pm  till 7.30pm

Suitable for all.

Beginners and more advanced students together

All are welcome.

This committed practise will help to keep you healthy, energised, balanced, and calm, with your immune system boosted.

The great side effect here is that it soaks us with feelings of peace and goodwill.

£6.00 per session


And Coming Shortly, very shortly…
( in the planning stages at the moment )


These include Longer Courses for:


Certificated Pranayama

Certificated Yogic Studies

Mindfulness courses

Help and mentoring for teachers

Inspirational Guest Teachers with varied specialist subjects 

Philosophy of Yoga

Retreats ( refreshing new potential for 'me-time'  )



Certificated – how to practise in three stages.

Levels One,  Two and Three

One to one  healing sessions ( available now )

Reiki Sharing


Keep watching as things evolve

And please join in.


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