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awt-plainheader455Reiki Training:
Certificate Course Level ONE
Access to the First level of Reiki Training can be acquired during a single weekend workshop.
During this course of the Usui system of natural healing you will learn how to use the Reiki energy for healing self, friends, family and pets. You will be given a comprehensive manual on Reiki, its history, philosophy and background.
There will be Reiki exchanges.
(Optional evenings to attend with other practicioners of all levels, to keep your energy flowing, to ask questions and share any joys or difficulties you may be experiencing)

Effects Reiki can have

Reiki reduces the effects of stress and promotes natural self healing.It can cleanse the body of toxins and treat symptoms and causes of illness.

Reiki promotes deep relaxation and can strengthen the immune system. 

Reiki strengthens intuition and creativity and vitalises both body and soul.


When you heal yourself and assist others in their self healing,

you heal the earth.

You do make a difference 

                                 – Laurel Steinhice

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Reiki Training:

Certificate Course Level TWO

You may want to choose to progress to the

optional, more advanced level of Reiki Two.

This will give you increased potency of the Reiki Energy flow,

and enable you to project the energy over long distances to serve others who are not within reach.

The benefits of Second degree Studies includes the heightening of your own intuitive abilities and self awareness, furthering your own personal development and field of healing.

You will be given one more Attunement and three Reiki symbols.You will learn more about healing and how the body and mind work together and learn about distance healing, theory and practical. The Reiki Distance symbol can be used to go back in time to heal traumatic situations that occurred in childhood.

The power of your hands is doubled. The second degree initiation continues to deepen your inner personal transformations that began with the first degree Reiki.

This course is a combination of lecture, discussion and experience and a detailed class manual is included

Mrs Takata said ”First degree is like driving a car slowly and taking in the landscape. Second degree healing is stepping on the pedal getting to the same point faster”.

The Usui School recommends a minimum of two to three months after Stage One before entering Second Degree.

Second Degree is open to all who have First Degree Certificate.

Practitioners who successfully complete Reiki Two Attunement may then take on their own clients.

On successful completion of the course, you will be given a Rieki Second Degree Certificate and a fully comprehensive manual


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