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awt-plainheader455Starting on the Master’s path.
Beginning the path of a Reiki Master. 
This is the start of a new and exciting journey.
It is a journey of self discovery, healing, service and sharing the gentle art of healing with others. When we start this journey we need to consider why we wish to walk this path. When we look at why and how people came to Reiki, it is usually a combination of an internal knowing, followed by an outer prompting from the Universe. This can manifest in the form of an illness, crisis, a chance meeting, dreams, or by simply recognising that the Universe is holding up a big flashing neon sign, pointing you down the teaching road. Becoming a Reiki Master is not just a nice thing to do over a weekend. It represents for many, a life path. Even if you come to teaching Reiki without a clear understanding of this inner process, by simply practicing and teaching others, this will become more apparent as time and classes go by


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